Sarah’s Media Events and Appearances

Podcast: The Health Care Blog with Matthew Holt

Sarah is interviewed by the bombastic (and also generous and infinitely curious) Matthew Holt about her cancer journey and how she came to write her book, The Cancer Channel.

Podcast: Pharmacy Times

Sarah spoke with the team at Pharmacy Times about pain management and how helpful it would have been to speak with a pharmacist during cancer treatment.. Link to Sarah speaking with Pharmacy times

Speaking event: Wellspring Alberta cancer support organization

Sarah was invited as a speaker to Wellspring Alberta, a valuable not-for-profit cancer support organization which provides a wide range of programs, free of charge, to its members – i.e. people who have, or have had cancer, and their caregivers. This was a private event and not recorded for public viewing.

Podcast: eBay for business podcast with Griff and Brian Burke (episode 250)

In this episode, Jim "Griff" Griffith (eBay's first customer support employee) and Brian Burke (Director of Seller Advocacy and Engagement) speak with Sarah about her cancer diagnoses while she was an employee at eBay, Inc. 

Podcast: Widowhood Real Talk with Tina Fornwald

Sarah speaks with podcaster Tina Fornwald about what it is like to receive a cancer diagnosis - and about how she came to write The Cancer Channel.